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Xtreme Clutch’s New Kit Range

by Digital Mayne Media

Australian Clutch Services launches new performance products at SEMA Show.

Australian Clutch Services (ACS) has recently launched a new range of performance upgrades at SEMA Show in Las Vegas. The new products will be offered under the Xtreme Clutch brand name in Australia but were launched under ACS’ US based performance division, XClutch.

Xtreme Clutch are specialists in performance clutch solutions for street and motorsport applications. As a division of Australian Clutch Services, Xtreme Clutch products are developed out of the ACS head office and R & D facility in Adelaide and are sold in Australia through an extensive network of distributors. The products have also seen great success overseas and are currently exported to Europe, the Middle East, Asia and New Zealand.

The XClutch brand was developed specifically for the US market, but based on the existing range of products by Xtreme Clutch. With an emphasis on performance and quality, the brand has quickly taken off in the US aftermarket. ACS say that SEMA Show 2021 was an ideal place to launch their latest range of performance products for both XClutch and Xtreme Clutch The new products were designed and engineered in-house at ACS to suit various international markets. The four products include a 230mm triple plate carbon clutch for fifth generation Dodge Vipers, a twin plate organic clutch for S55 powered BMW M2, M3 and M4, a 240mm single plate organic upgrade to suit the Toyota GR Yaris, a heavy-duty upgrade for the 3.6L Jeep Gladiator and a new performance concentric slave cylinder for motorsport and custom clutch applications.

“SEMA Show 2021 provided the ideal opportunity for us to showcase these new products to the world,” says Hayden Jarrett, Australian Clutch Services Marketing Manager. “The engineering team at ACS have been working hard to develop these products for launch at the show and we received great feedback throughout the event on both the new products and also our existing range of performance upgrades.”

The kits included a mix of products that would be suitable for the Australian market as well as US only applications.

“Several of these applications were developed specifically for the US market, however, we are expecting the upgrade for the GR Yaris and also our new performance concentric slave cylinders to be popular throughout Australia,” explains Hayden. “We are also offering these kits in a variety of configurations including organic and ceramic for street and motorsport use respectively. In addition, we also offer a range of clutch system accessories with these kits such as bearings, hydraulics, bolts and alignment tools as required.”

Xtreme Clutch offers an exceptional range of performance upgrades to suit a wide range of vehicles including classic vehicles all the way through to the latest 2021 models. The range is also very broad in its variety of options for each application including different friction plate materials such as organic, ceramic and carbon and multi-plate options in different sizes and configurations, meaning customers can select a clutch that most closely suits their specific vehicle goals and use. Each kit is also developed to incorporate everything the installer may require such as release bearings, pilot bearings, hydraulics, bolts and alignment tools.

For more info on the Australian Clutch Services range of products visit australianclutch.com.au or any Australian Clutch Services distributor nationwide.

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