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Your Cooling Choice This Summer –

This summer as your attention refocuses on what cooling solutions are right for your business, it’s high-time to put your suppliers ‘on-the hoist’ and give them the once over.

You need a solution with a total package. This includes range, stock on hand, warranty, a strong market presence and presentation. But this year more than ever, you need a brand that is supporting your business at its core, delivering customers to your door. This is how you claim a larger slice of work this summer.

The MotorKool offering from Auto Parts Group hits all these key supplier criteria. And this year, while APG continually build on the already expansive coverage of the core MotorKool product (radiators, condensers, intercoolers, fans, receiver driers and oil coolers), the brand itself has undergone a refresh.

APG says ‘we’ve undertaken this refresh, a modern and clean, strong and bold imagery, to improve the alignment between the MotorKool brand and what it stands-for; OE equivalence in build and performance, delivering a familiar and trusted product range in the market.’ This brand elevation hasn’t stopped at the imagery, with a dedicated brand website, developed and launched Here, along with the usual product listings, customers will find cooling informative articles and learn about MotorKool’s 2 Year No Fuss Warranty, one of the best on the market. Whilst the product warranty is a major sell point once the customer is in your door, MotorKool via their website, also solve the problem of getting customers to you in the first place, with the ever-growing Authorised Partner listing map.

APG says: ‘The Authorised Partner map is about providing that key visibility value for your business. For not only our Auto Parts stores (who have stock on hand themselves), but also our committed workshops.’ Given the seasonal appropriateness, the MotorKool website is also host to the MotorKool Summer 20/21 Free Flush Promotion.

‘One of the main drivers of the promo this year’, APG explains, ‘is adding value to the purchase of a MotorKool radiator. Having a mechanism to contact the customer twelve months after the radiator fitment, to get their vehicle back to the workshop for the free flush, but also allowing the workshop another opportunity to complete a vehicle health check, ensuring that the customer’s vehicle is safe and roadworthy therefore expanding the workshop’s loyal customer base.’

Checking MotorKool off against the supplier evaluation, shows value for your business across the board. Furthermore, whilst they wouldn’t divulge details just yet, APG confirmed product range expansion plans are well underway for a 2021 launch.

Go to to register your interest in becoming an Authorised Partner.

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