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Your guide to NAPA’s workshop and equipment selection

NAPA Auto Parts has been well established in the Australian auto industry for more than 90 years.

NAPA has mechanics sorted for the Financial New Year with its extensive selection of workshop tools and equipment from reputable brands.

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By forging strong partnerships with industry leaders, NAPA ensures that automotive professionals have access to the finest tools and equipment necessary to service any part of a vehicle with confidence and efficiency.


NAPA offers a comprehensive range of hoists, including two-post, four-post, in-ground, scissor, and column lifts, suitable for vehicles of all sizes up to 65 tonnes. These hoists are sourced from leading global manufacturers, guaranteeing top-tier reliability, safety, and performance.

Brands: Direct Lift, Forward Lift, Molnar, and Autopsenhoj


NAPA’s selection of jacks and stands is designed for safety and ease of use, with options like low profile and air-actuated models to suit every workshop’s needs. This range is complemented by transmission lifters for various vehicles, emphasising NAPA’s comprehensive lifting solutions.

Brands: Borum, Omega Lift, and Tradequip

Brake Service Equipment

NAPA’s brake service equipment supports top-tier brake services with bench and on-car brake lathes, roadworthy compliant testers, and innovative tools for passenger and heavy-duty vehicles. The aim is to boost workshop efficiency and reliability in brake servicing.

Brands: Circuitlink, Pro Cut, and RDA Brakes

Image: NAPA Auto Parts

Wheels and Alignment

NAPA leads with advanced wheel and alignment tools, including intuitive 3D Alignment systems and the world’s most innovative wireless 3D alignment system, available exclusively through NAPA and GPC Asia Pacific. The tyre changers cater to a broad range of vehicles, supporting wheels up to 2.8 tonnes.

Brands: John Bean

Air Compressors

NAPA provides a full suite of air compressors and accessories for workshops of all sizes, featuring heavy-duty models and essential accessories like hoses and retractable hose systems.

Brands: Alemlube, Chicago Pneumatic, Jamec Pem, Retracta, Tradequip, and Peerless

Air Conditioning Service

NAPA’s air conditioning tools cater to efficient recovery, recharge, and recycling, accommodating refrigerants like R134a and R1234yf. The selection ranges from simple manual tools to advanced automatic machines.

Brands: OEX, Mastercool, and Robinair

Roadworthy Equipment

NAPA supplies essential roadworthy equipment, including brake check tools and light circuit testers, complemented by a range of parts to complete roadworthy certifications.

Brands: Circuitlink and Monroe

Image: NAPA Auto Parts


With NAPA, never misdiagnose thanks to the world’s most advanced diagnostic technology covering a wide range of vehicles. The selection includes equipment compatible with OEM programming.

Brands: Autel, Foxwell, Hella Gutmann, and Zenith

Garage Equipment

NAPA enriches workshops with a versatile range of equipment for greasing, lubrication, pressing, cleaning, and cooling, tailored to vehicles large and small while promoting environmental responsibility. The equipment is chosen to enhance workshop efficiency and safety, particularly in high temperatures.

Brands: Borum, CRC, Karcher, McNaught, Portacool, Powerlube, and Tradequip

Image: NAPA Auto Parts

Specialty Tools

NAPA ensures workshops have access to specialised tools for every task, from smash repairs to brake services, catering to auto electricians, mechanics, and more.

Brands: Endeavour Tools, Narva, OEX, RDA Brakes, and Toledo

Power Tools

Milwaukee Tool supplies NAPA with a range of quality power tools, including drills, soldering irons, and comprehensive kits, all backed by advanced technology and long-life batteries.

Brand: Milwaukee Tool

Hand Tools

NAPA supports workshops with durable hand tools for daily trade use, including screwdrivers, spanners, and socket wrenches, from the leading brands in the trade tool business.

Brands: Milwaukee Tool and Toledo


NAPA partners with industry leaders to offer everything for welding, from equipment to safety gear, ensuring protection and quality in welding tasks.

Brand: Cigweld

Storage Solutions

Improve workshop efficiency and cleanliness with NAPA’s storage solutions, including tool bags, boxes, workbenches, and cabinets, featuring heavy-duty components and integrated power.

Brands: Mechpro, Milwaukee Tool, and Tradequip

All these options underscore NAPA’s commitment to providing workshops with access to the latest and most efficient technologies in vehicle maintenance.

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