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Your Next Hoist

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Did you ever wonder whether all two post hoists are the same?

It would be very hard to find an automotive workshop in the country that doesn’t consider their two post hoists the most essential pieces of equipment in their business.

The Burson Equipment Team deal with the workshop equipment requirements of automotive repairers nationwide every day and they also know more than a thing or two about two post hoists.

Any workshop considering purchasing a new two post hoist these days is spoiled for choices. So how do you make your two post hoist purchase decision?

Key points when looking for a new two post hoist:

  • Does the manufacturer have a proven track record of producing quality hoists back by a strong nationwide warranty?
  • Is the product supported by a factory team of experienced engineers and trained specialists?
  • Is it designed engineered or manufactured to meet the needs of Australian workshops?
  • Does the hoist meet Australian standards and is it design registered?
  • Can the hoist be serviced by local, factory-trained service technicians and can parts be easily obtained locally?
  • Are the arms easy to use with sufficient sweep and what size height adaptors come with the hoist?
  • Are the columns turned so the hoist is truly asymmetric?
  • Has the hoist been put through stringent testing measures of up to 20,000 cycles at full load prior to being sold?
  • If your next hoist doesn’t tick all those boxes, you need to keep looking!

When it comes to all workshop equipment requirements large or small, the Burson Equipment team are your specialists for product quality, affordability, reliability and after-sales service.


Established in the USA back in 1925, the premium quality Rotary Hoist brand has been a forerunner in automotive workshop hoist design for decades. With sales of the famed Rotary two post hoist exceeding one million units to date, Rotary Hoists has become synonymous with successful automotive workshops all over the world.

Burson Equipment offers Australian automotive repairers a wide variety of Rotary Hoists in configurations to suit all manner of vehicles, including SUV’s four wheel drives and heavy duty trucks.

There are no compromises in the company’s strict quality control during the design, manufacture and testing of each Rotary hoist model. Rotary places each new hoist design through a minimum of 20,000 rigorous performance test cycles before being released, well above industry testing standards, to provide automotive repairers with hoist products that have no peer when it comes to safety, quality, efficiency and reliability.

Backing Rotary’s total quality is Burson Equipment’s dedicated national service network, providing prompt access to spare parts if required, backed by a three year warranty.

There is a national team of Burson Equipment specialists spread across a network of over 161 trade focused stores. Before you make any workshop equipment decision, be sure to check with the Burson Equipment team first.

Visit Rotary hoists online at www.rotaryhoists.com.au to find out more or call Burson Equipment on 1300 BURSON (287 766) for more information on their range of products.

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