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ZF Future Proofed

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ZF is one of the world’s leading suppliers in the automotive aftermarket with more than 30 years of servicing expertise within the industry across Australia, New Zealand and the entire Oceania region.

Operating worldwide in more than 120 locations across 40 countries, ZF Aftermarket is a €3 billion business employing around 8,000 people. Locally, ZF Services Australia operates two locations with representation in four states, employs more than 70 people and works with over 25 service partners across Australia and New Zealand.

The company’s range of automotive aftermarket offerings consists of driveline, chassis, steering and braking components from its primary brands – ZF, LEMFÖRDER, SACHS, and TRW.

ZF is well-known globally for its automotive transmissions, which are fitted as original equipment to many different types of passenger vehicles.

These are supported by a range of genuine spare parts for servicing and repair, with ZF carrying stock for up to 15 years after volume production has finished.

Additionally, ZF offers its original equipment transmission synthetic and semi-synthetic lubricants range as an aftermarket product called ZF-Lifeguardfluid, which is available for servicing or replacement for factory-filled fluids.

These synthetic or semi-synthetic lubricants are factory filled on ZF transmissions, having been optimised to reduce friction and therefore fuel consumption, while also promoting a reduction in exhaust emissions.

LEMFÖRDER is often referred to as one of the top brands in steering and suspension components.

Utilised as original equipment fitments by more than 50 vehicle manufacturers worldwide, LEMFÖRDER’s range of steering and chassis components includes stabiliser links, steering arms, idler arms, tie rods, control arms and suspension joints.

Also available are engine mounts, transmission mounts, axle bearings, suspension strut mounts and complete mounting kits.

ZF Services Australia additionally stocks the full range of SACHS premium grade shock absorbers and clutches.

Another brand within the ZF family is TRW, best known for its premium quality brake discs, brake pads and steering components.

Not just an OE supplier to some of the world’s leading automotive manufacturers, TRW is also a major player in the global aftermarket, offering original equipment quality components to fit most passenger cars and light trucks on the Australian market.

TRW’s steering linkage components are built to the highest original equipment standards, are corrosion resistant and lightweight. The wide and varied product range includes stabiliser links and tie-rod ends to front and rear toe links, idler arms, pitman arms and bellows.

With its industry leading forward-thinking research and development, ZF continues to define and embrace the latest in automotive technology to ensure the Australian automotive aftermarket is future-proofed.

For more info visit www.zf.com[/colored_box]

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