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Diagnosing the core issues for mechanics

The rapidly changing world of automotive technology can leave some business owners bewildered and daunted.

A window into the future; Martin gives glimpse into auto

A window on the world can reveal future trends and lessons for the Australian collision industry. Don’t miss the chance …

Fuel consumption figures inflated: AAA

A report has revealed that consumers are unknowingly driving vehicles with inaccurate information regarding fuel consumption and environmental performance.

Apprentices, EVs score big in Budget

Australia’s leading automotive industry advocate has hailed the wins contained for the industry in last week’s Federal Budget including funding …

MTA NSW campaign breathing new life into apprenticeships

As a frontrunner in automotive training, MTA NSW is rolling out a new advertising campaign, “Learn An Auto Trade In …

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How Burson gets back to its (grass)roots

Over the years, Burson Auto Parts has committed to being a part of the community in more ways than one.

Why Disc Brakes Australia is a top choice for mechanics

For over four decades, Disc Brakes Australia (DBA) has stood as the unrivalled leader in disc brake manufacturing across Australia.
Impact socket buy Australia

Feel the impact with Dual Action sockets

Dual Action multi-purpose impact sockets offer so much more than a standard socket set because of their thin-walled design and …

Upgrade your ride with GMB drive and timing belts

MB has expanded its premium product lineup by introducing Premium Timing Belt Kits and Drive Belts, joining its growing array …

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Warren and Brown pliers

The ultimate pliers for mechanics

Classic Cars

Stewart shows us his Austin Healey 3000 MKIII

A concours 1964 Austin Healey 3000 MKIII with race-inspired enhancements takes us back to the glory days of English roadsters.

Comedians, cars and coffee in Queensland

Comedians Cars Coffee Australia
Why Cars and Coffee events have taken over our weekend streets, and why it can be great news for mechanics.

Vern Schuppan’s 1986 Porsche 911 Turbo

Porche 911 sale
Picture the scene. You’re looking out across a sparkling Atlantic Ocean, glass of Portuguese Vinho Verde in hand.

Automotive Industry

Popular Aussie utes top list in wildlife collision stats

A recent study has shown that Australia’s best selling cars are involved in the growing number of wildlife strikes each …
Mechanics Australia 2024

Be ready for the future of auto repair

Take a day out of your busy schedule to learn where the industry is heading and how it can find …

How Burson gets back to its (grass)roots

Over the years, Burson Auto Parts has committed to being a part of the community in more ways than one.

How this company recycles your old car

About 850,000 vehicles reach the end of their lives each year in Australia. That equates to about 980,000 tonnes of …

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Dissecting dismantlers: Recycling with ACM Parts

Dual Action sockets

A mechanic’s guide to Dual Action impact sockets

Ford Ranger Australia buy

Ford Ranger takes crown as top Aussie car 2023

Schaeffler bringing the goods to AAAE 2024

Car News

Mercedes develops world-first X-ray crash test

Mercedes-Benz has performed a world’s first X-ray crash test, a new technological advancement leading the way for further development in …

Ute sales figures show obstacle for emission standards

The Ford Ranger has continued to stake its claim as Australia’s favourite vehicle over Toyota’s HiLux.
EV buy Australia

EV sales surge again in record January

Strong new car sales continued over the summer but cost of living pressures may put a dent in the sales, …